Every morning

Every morning I sit near my balcony to open my eyes to beautiful flowers in our garden and to watch the light of the sun fill the place with pleasure where I can hear the birds when these birds sing among the trees.

In the early morning, I would like to read my favorite book about famous love stories which you dedicate as the first gift with my favorite rose for me.
Every morning I wait this moment when you pass near to my balcony to see you like this sun in my life, such as every morning to dedicate my favorite red rose which I wait for it every day to touch your fingers my love plus your smile when you tell me that this morning will be wonderful because you saw me today.
I can’t tell you about my feelings at this moment which is very special for me, really I hope the time stop forever when you pass close to me to touch your hand forever.
Written by: Mohammed Abdeltawab


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