Just simple lover

Just simple lover
Just simple lover

Just simple lover

How can I look within your eyes and touch this depth?.

I’m not a diver to discover your depth and I’m not an expert to describe your eyes, you have all types of magic in your eyes and your heart is like a temple many hermits knock on its door every day.

How can I resist although I am fond of those eyes?.

Really I can’t because I would like to be a follower of you in every place because I see the sun follow you in every place.

Can I say my baby for you? I think no because my heart can't bear more shocks.

I have a weak heart to endure your feelings and I satisfy with your glances at me. 

I’m not optimistic to wish someday you can feel my sensations about you so I can't tell you my secrets about your love or open my heart for more shocks because I’m just a simple lover in your temple.

How can I feel you with my love although you have a lot of lovers saying poems in your eyes and I'm like a young child who forgets his words in front of you, baby?

My honey

My honey here at this moment I feel I own this life and my way to happiness and love.

Indeed I can’t describe my feelings about this moment.

I would like to exclaim to tell all lovers I found my love and my way to heaven.

Now I can see my way with clarity within your eyes.

Just give me your adaptability to find this way in every moment.

Just give me your smile to delete all pains which I found in my life before I found you.

Sure I will never feel again with sadness or grief because I found my love within your eyes and I hear your heartbeats with my name when I hold you now.

In your way, I will implant the flowers on both sides to see their bloom in the morning feel with pleasure, and remember me and my love.

My honey you will find your warmth within my hugs like me too. If you will accept my love forever I will give you me like a flower to feel with my heart when it beats you’re your name.

Baby just look at my eyes to discover the heaven on this land sure just cross my bridge to this heaven will be in my heart.


Every night

Every night in the same place and on the same rock near the sea I sit to watch all ships which come to the port.

I sit waiting for the ship which comes every night to ask all passengers about you maybe I will find someone telling me more tales about you.

Every night I pray to Allah to achieve my wish on this night maybe this ship will tell me something about you or someone will give me a letter from my love me.

Although I did not receive any letter since your decision to sail.

I’m not desperate because my heart tells me that someday will find a letter coming with those ships, someone will tell me you still love me and you will never forget me, someone will tell me that the yearning to be more than all the oceans so I will be back again to you.

Written by:

Mohammed Abdeltawab

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