Thoughts: The Lady

I was waiting on the platform for the train which comes from the east where I was waiting for my friend to meet him and take him to my house.

I didn’t expect to see the most beautiful woman in the world comes out of the train I felt I see the moon as the full moon comes out from this train.

At this moment I forgot my friend when she passed close to me and smelled her perfume.  Really I can't move or even look at my friend because my soul went with her and left me alone to think about what I saw it’s real or the sunstroke me.

I felt I lost my mind for a second and my heartbeat in a strong way even when my friend came and caught my shoulder.

I didn't feel with him and I didn’t hear any word from him to me.

Suddenly I went toward her and I said to her…… Please I have a question for you my lady ….. She looked at me and said what is your question ? !! ... I said….. Do I see an angel stand in front of me or that I had died and I went to Paradise? ) she smiled at me and then she went on her way again without an answer to my question.


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