My honey

My honey
My honey

My honey here at this moment I feel I own this life and my way to happiness and love.

Indeed I can’t describe my feelings about this moment.

I would like to exclaim to tell all lovers I found my love and my way to heaven.

Now I can see my way with clarity within your eyes.

Just give me your adaptability to find this way in every moment.

Just give me your smile to delete all pains which I found in my life before I found you.

Sure I will never feel again with sadness or grief because I found my love within your eyes and I hear your heartbeats with my name when I hold you now.

In your way, I will implant the flowers on both sides to see their bloom in the morning feel with pleasure, and remember me and my love.

My honey you will find your warmth within my hugs like me too. If you will accept my love forever I will give you me like a flower to feel with my heart when it beats you’re your name.

Baby just look at my eyes to discover the heaven on this land sure just cross my bridge to this heaven will be in my heart.


The Lady

I was waiting on the platform for the train which comes from the east where I was waiting for my friend to meet him and take him to my house.

I didn’t expect to see the most beautiful woman in the world comes out of the train I felt like I saw the moon as the full moon comes out from this train.

At this moment I forgot my friend when she passed close to me and smelled her perfume.  Really I can't move or even look at my friend because my soul went with her and left me alone to think about what I saw it’s real or the sunstroke me.

I felt I lost my mind for a second and my heartbeat in a strong way even when my friend came and caught my shoulder.

I didn't feel with him and I didn’t hear any word from him to me.

Suddenly I went toward her and I said to her…… Please I have a question for you my lady ….. She looked at me and said what is your question ? !! ... I said….. Do I see an angel stand in front of me or that I had died and I went to Paradise? ) She smiled at me and then she went on her way again without an answer to my question.

Written by

Mohammed Abdeltawab


 Just simple lover

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