Among my ribs

I will dedicate my heart so that when I find you, I still keep my emotions like the river runs to give you life.

My feelings are pure like the snow without sins because I still keep with my humanity.

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Thoughts ... The happiness for me

Baby, I will dedicate the power which lives among my ribs which is my pure heart created by the hands of the angels of love is filled with emotions that were not known before.

So I have embedded conceptual about my love will be like heaven which we can live there with angels of love.

Just search about me to find all my sensations about the love but you should have the same heart to find me within all people.

I’m a simple man but this man has a great heart like angels. When you look at my eyes you will know me.

I will wait for you to give you all these feelings to find your way to happiness. At this moment you will be my soul when you accept my heart.

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Thoughts ... In the same place


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