The happiness for me

The happiness for me
The happiness for me

The meaning of happiness for me like this little girl has a wonderful smile sense of nature and fun for happiness only, optimism fills her eyes, and she looks with love for the future just without pain or sorrow, happiness like this little girl when she shares the others in everything to find more happiness and pleasure to learn the adults how we can find our happiness with others not with ourselves only, the children in my life are symbols or candles of the happiness that I can touch and feel it around me even in the darkest nights in my life.

Yes in every moment I search for happiness to escape from all stress and I can touch my beginning to this way through their eyes which are like a gate to another world I can find angels there with me without worries or sorrows so I would like to spend the rest of my life with them to see everything with clarity. Just pleasure and happiness.

Just dreams and wishes there with these children.

Among my ribs

Baby, I will dedicate the power which lives among my ribs which is my pure heart created by the hands of the angels of love and is filled with emotions that were not known before.

So I have embedded conceptual about my love will be like heaven which we can live there with angels of love.

Just search about me to find all my sensations about love but you should have the same heart to find me within all people.

I’m a simple man but this man has a great heart like an angel. When you look at my eyes you will know me.

I will wait for you to give you all these feelings to find your way to happiness. At this moment you will be my soul when you accept my heart.

Written by

Mohammed Abdeltawab

The concept of worship

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