Thoughts: I still wait

I do not find anyone in my life to be my friend. 

I haven’t real friends to give me hope or listen to my complaints about this life except for the night. 

Indeed the night is not a physical friend for me but we have some sort of communication to feel we are real friends. 

I like to meditate on the stars and the moon to tell it about my feelings. Every time the moon smiles it tell me more love stories. 

The moon asks the stars to let me listen to groans sweethearts throughout the ages and how much I loved love for the same, but I am still alone without a lover within all these tales about love. 

I do not find still now the lover who can deserve my feelings and my heart or take me to pass the bridge of the love to the dreams land, but stars smile to me and draw heart-shaped for giving me the hope someday my dreams will be true for me only.

Dreams of the childhood


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