In the same place

My baby if you still remember our favorite place I will wait for you in the same place and the same table, I will never change my habits which is related to our love which gives me a good reason to wait for you and continue my life for my love.

Always I will have a special flower every day for you like last time in this place when you decided to leave me without return when you decided to leave my heart without reason.

I can’t forget this moment when you broke my heart without real reason but I know you will never do that and my heart told me she is an angel and she will back to recovery break my heart because we are one soul with two wings.

My baby, I can’t live without my soul so I will wait for you to give me life again.

My baby doesn’t forget your promise me we will live together in our magic world on the moon, my heart told me you will be back again and I will wait for you until my last day, even my hair become gray I will wait for you.

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