The Moon

The Moon
The Moon

I like to wait for the moon when it is full because I feel that it is complete for me only.

I think the moon celebrates with me to feel me I’m here for you only not for anyone other.

Maybe the moon can touch my soul and feels my feelings, just like we are in a romantic meeting it shows in the best picture of it as well as I wear the most beautiful I have clothes to see me like a queen.

I wait for the moon to tell me (you are my best friend and my love forever), On this night I feel the moon very close to the earth to tell the moon everything about my broken heart maybe the moon can feel with me and takes me one day there with it to live within its heart like a great diamond to compensate me about my suffering Forever.

Our pictures

My friend today when I search for my old things I found our pictures.

Indeed I meditated on it for a long time to remember many things which we liked and lost with many things like our innocence.

Today I discovered I missed many awesome things from our childhood but I still have our pictures.

I found an old album that I still keep with our pictures from our childhood I still remember our memories of when we found our way to happiness and our dreams.

In these pictures, I found our smiles and your flower which you were dedicating to me every day to put this flower within my hair.

Now I don’t know anything about you and sure you will never read these words about our memories but I still keep your smile within my heart like these pictures because I still remember our heaven.

Maybe you are still in this heaven with your smiles and your flowers where you find your eternal happiness with your angels. I know I left this heaven for a long time to pass my life through hell.

I will not forget your pure heart when you touch my tears to remove the sadness from my eyes.

I missed you for a long time but I still keep with my feelings when you meet me with your smile and your eyes which were shining like crystals.

I still remember when you run to hold me to tell me in my ear. I missed you, my friend. I’m here for you don’t forget that and my heart will be for you forever.

Written by: 

Mohammed Abdeltawab


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