Near the river

Indeed I have many dreams and I think I need to live in many places at the same time I don’t know how but I think my soul does that where it can imagine and fly to all these places to find pleasure there. 

I always dream that I would live close to the trees and the river, In the early morning I will wake up to the sounds of birds chirping around me to tell me I have a wonderful new day to enjoy with the sun I will take my hook and my boat to go to the middle of the river where I can watch the fishes when they play around my hook and see the birds when they pick the fishes from the river to eat it. 

In the middle of the river I can feel the silence to find the chance to meditate the nature and catch fish during that I will follow the movements of the birds that want to kidnap my fish from me but I will not allow them to do that because these fishes for my dinner and my cats too. There I will find peace with my soul which I missed for a long time. It's a lovely dream.


Change the fate
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