Our pictures

My friend today when I search for my old things I found our pictures.

Indeed I meditated on it for a long time to remember many things which we liked and we lost it with many things like our innocence.

Today I discovered I missed many awesome things from our childhood but I still have our pictures.

I found an old album that I still keep with our pictures in our childhood I still remember our memories when we found our way to happiness and our dreams.

In these pictures, I found our smiles and your flower which you were dedicating to me every day to put this flower within my hair.

Now I don’t know anything about you and sure you will never read these words about our memories but I still keep with your smile within my heart like these pictures because I still remember our heaven.

Maybe you are still in this heaven with your smiles and your flowers where you find your eternal happiness with your angels. I know I left this heaven for a long time to pass in my life through hell.

I will not forget your pure heart when you touch my tears to remove the sadness from my eyes.

I missed you for a long time but I still keep with my feelings when you meet me with your smile and your eyes which were shining like crystals.

I still remember when you run to hold me to tell me in my ear. I missed you, my friend. I’m here for you don’t forget that and my heart will be for you forever.

Written by: Mohammed Abdeltawab


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