The seat

Every day I visit the garden to touch this old seat to remember my memories with you on this old seat. 

On this old seat, I sit to remember you and found the tears filling my eyes again. Beside this old seat, all flowers when see me wilt for my sadness because these flowers can feel my feelings, my baby.  

Do you remember this seat, my baby? I still remember the first time when I sat close to you and looked into your eyes to ask you your name. Your arrow touched my heart and every day I was waiting for you near to see you. 

I still remember when I touched your hand when I was sitting very close to you to tell you about my love and see the light in your eyes and charming smile with shame, which is full of your face. 

Now the seat became empty without you just me alone sitting on this seat and touching your place with my hand to feel with your soul. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything except my memories with you, my baby.


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