The swearing

He swore to me beside to this the rock which we met beside it for the first time and the kept with all our memories and our feelings to be alive forever and tell all lovers about our love story. 

He swore to me by sailing at the seas and oceans to face all the difficulties and all monsters which live in the oceans or the seas.

He swore he will face all the demos which live on all isolated islands to look for at every place which may be known or unknown to find the magic star which had fallen from heaven when the moon was crying when the devil stole its light. 

He will bring this star to make it as a necklace to express his love to me. This necklace will light all the darkness to give the moon its smile again. He promised me I will wear this star around my neck To illuminate those nights and all the lovers see it in every place.


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Thoughts: I still wait
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