How ancient Egyptian in ancient Egyptian civilization enjoy love: Episode One

Some may think the behavior of ancient Egyptians is far removed from that of the modern world but when it comes to the basics of love, and marriage, their behavior is rather familiar. They displayed the same doubts, fears, and motivations, and all that separates the ancient Egyptians from the modern world is how such emotions were acted upon. In the modern world, ‘prostitutes’ can at times be considered gratuitous or even taboo. This idea of making love taboo can be seen as a throwback to the Victorian era, which in itself was a reaction to the lascivious behavior of the Georgians. However, such embarrassment is not something a typical ancient Egyptian would have understood. To the Egyptians, making love was a life staple, on a par with eating and sleeping, and therefore not something to be sniggered at, embarrassed about, or avoided so let us watch this episode to learn more about that.
The concept of worship

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