Reports: North Korea warns of 'VERY GRAVE SITUATION' for US, says Biden blundered by calling its self-defense efforts ‘serious threats’

President Joe Biden's speech to Congress apparently went over like a lead balloon – or perhaps an ICBM – in North Korea, as Pyongyang has said the US will face “a very grave situation” because its leader “made a big blunder.”

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“His statement clearly reflects his intent to keep enforcing the hostile policy toward the DPRK (Democratic People’s The Republic of Korea) as it had been done by the US for over half a century,” Kwon Jong-gun, North Korean Foreign Ministry director-general for US affairs, said on Sunday.

The statement came in response to Biden’s first address to Congress, last Wednesday, when the US commander in chief referred to the nuclear programs of North Korea and Iran as “serious threats” to American and global security. He said he will work closely with allies to address those threats through diplomacy and “stern deterrence.”

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Kwon called Biden's position – referring to Pyongyang’s deterrence against “constant nuclear blackmail” as a “threat” – an “illogical” encroachment on North Korea’s sovereign right to self-defense. US nuclear war exercises held shortly after Biden's inauguration in January “proved in action who really threatens whom on the Korean peninsula and clearly showed that one must build a powerful deterrence to counter the US.”

A worsening crisis will spin out of control for the US if Washington retains “outdated policy from a Cold War-minded perspective and viewpoint,” Kwon said. Biden “made a big blunder in the light of the present-day viewpoint,” he added, and by disparaging Pyongyang in his first speech to Congress, the president made clear his hostile North Korean policies.

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“We will be compelled to press for corresponding measures and, with time, the US will find itself in a very grave situation,” Kwon said.

The Washington-Pyongyang relationship appears to be veering off the track preferred by South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has repeatedly urged Biden to build on the progress made by former President Donald Trump and reopen peace talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in late March that Biden doesn’t intend to meet with Kim.

Biden administration ready to consider ‘some form of diplomacy’ with North Korea – White House

Washington is prepared to talk to North Korea if it paves the way to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki has said, but that doesn’t mean US sanctions are going away.

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“We are prepared to consider some form of diplomacy if it's going to lead us down the path toward denuclearization," Psaki said on the possibility of relations between Washington and Pyongyang.

Getting the Korean Peninsula to ditch nuclear weapons remains a “clear objective” for the Biden administration, she insisted, before adding: “We are, of course, continuing to enforce sanctions.”

Last week, when asked if the US president was planning to meet North Korean leader Kim Jon Un, Psaki replied that “[Biden’s] approach would be quite different, and that is not his intention.”

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Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump held a landmark summit with Kim in Singapore in summer 2018. The meeting raised hopes that Pyongyang would curb its nuclear program; however, two more summits between the leaders brought no breakthrough, with the sides instead returning to an exchange of threats.

There’s been no improvement in ties between Washington and Pyongyang since Biden took office, with North Korea labeling the administration’s efforts to approach them a “cheap trick” intended to make America looks good internationally rather than a sincere gesture.

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Any contact will only be possible when the US changes its hostile policy towards North Korea, the country’s first vice-minister of foreign affairs, Choe Son Hui, said last month. She also decried Washington’s hopes for the total denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula as “groundless rhetoric.”

The remarks were followed by a series of North Korean test launches of what Pyongyang termed “tactical guided missiles” in late March. Biden reacted to the test by warning he would “respond accordingly” if North Korea opted to “escalate.”

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Cheap trick, lunatic theory’: North Korea officially rejects any contact with the new US administration

No contact with Washington is possible until the US changes its hostile attitude towards Pyongyang, a top North Korean official has said. The US secretary of state has responded by saying additional pressure is not off the table.

What has been heard from the US since the emergence of the new the regime is only a lunatic theory of a ‘threat from North Korea’ and groundless rhetoric about ‘complete denuclearization,’” North Korea’s First Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Choe Son Hui said in a statement released on Thursday by KCNA, Pyongyang’s state news agency. 

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Washington is only trying to look nice in everyone’s eyes, she added, saying that no dialogue is possible until military drills in the region and other kinds of pressure are discontinued by the US. 

Washington has been carrying out annual military exercises with Seoul, proclaiming these to be a defense plan in relation to the North. Pyongyang says it regards the exercises as a threat. The drills were downsized and then moved into the virtual field due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, there have been reports that the war games may be renewed. 

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The new US administration’s attempts at approaching the North was dubbed a “cheap trick” by the diplomat, who confirmed that Washington has been sending messages and emails, but said these would remain unanswered. Earlier this month, the White House also confirmed its efforts to reach out to North Korea.

Having heard the official comment, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington would not just consider diplomatic options in dealing with North Korea. Pressure is also on the table, Blinken told a joint briefing with South Korean officials in Seoul on Thursday. “President Biden plans to complete a North Korea policy review… including resuming pressure options and the potential for future diplomacy,” Blinken said. “Different kinds of pressure points” are considered alongside diplomacy, he explained, adding that “in a sense, everything is on the table.”

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There has been no progress in improving relations between the two countries since 2019, when former US President Donald Trump made history by becoming the first American leader to set foot on North Korean soil. While negotiations have since stalled, regional officials believe summits like those between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un could be used as a base for improving the situation in the region.

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