Beside the mountains

I hope to spend the spring beside these mountains where I can see the white tops covered by snow which shines in the light of the sun in the spring. 

In the spring I can discover new meanings for life and different aspects of life which create happiness within our hearts. 

In the spring I can see the flowers spread in the valley which become harmonious colors with green lands which cover the valley and watch the sheep when they eat and play together without any fears because the dogs guard them. 

In this valley, I can see in every direction-specific beauty related to this place only. 

I feel everything in the valley is happy because of the coming of spring. 

I can breathe to fill my lungs with fresh air to feel peace with my soul and my heart. Here I can find new feelings to change my life for the better.

Written by

Mohammed Abdeltawab


Thoughts: The reflection
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