Change the fate

Always I have a conviction and feeling that I will change the fate of my life because I’m not happy and I feel I have chains around my neck and I can’t find the space to breathe. 

I will do what I love. My soul told me that someday you will find your dreams again to fly afar with wings of happiness. 

I will be free without instructions or restrictions of people. 

I will have a new beginning for another place or new way from who causes the pains, the sorrow, and conquer. 

I have my embedded concept about that.  

I will start my new way to another world, the whole love, happiness, and freedom to the world of each of the inhabited possesses the heart of the whole the love and the goodness and owns the conscience of the change may be such Sailor in middle of the ocean.


Thoughts ... It’s beautiful
Thoughts ... Beside the mountains
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