Children Like angels

In my childhood, I remember the little girl was very beautiful and I felt this girl like an angel because she was very sensitive and I remember my best wishes just play with her or watch her smile. 

I did my best to be a friend for her but I failed to do that so the children like angels in everything because they have hearts own pure feelings of innocent. 

They do not know lust or greed just they know the love in their life and the smiles, the laughs, and the happiness with others. 

The meaning of the love for them is not just kisses or hugs or just say I love you to make love with her. 

The children like angels, the love based on longing and yearning for the other partner because he or she likes to be very close to who feel with him or her only by happiness, just to create their world from pure feelings to feel with pleasure and the joy so the children like angels.


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