Thoughts: The reflection

Many friends think about my obsession with flowers and roses is a trivial thing and I’m superficial because I like to write about my feelings about my love for the flowers and the roses. 

Now I do not care about their opinions because I created my world with my flowers only.  

Many people believe that who interested in roses and flowers or keep with flowers at home or even some pictures about roses on the walls in their houses to be human just to feel with the happiness. 

They don’t feel the happiness around them, maybe it’s true but this is not in all cases.  

I believe with the positive power of roses and flowers to treat all cases of sadness and depression just give you chance every day to meditate for 5 minutes or dedicate some of these flowers to someone you love him or her sure you will find change in your life because the roses and flowers are the gift from Allah and a source of calm and rest the soul.


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