I will leave forever

I will leave forever
I will leave forever

Today in the morning my mom woke up me to tell me we will leave our home and I should prepare my clothes and my toys to take with me but she didn’t tell me how can I take my memories, my friends and my flowers with  me? 

She said only we will catch the train, we will leave our home forever really I can't believe I will not see my friends again and their smiles where we play beside the lake with my dog. 

Now I will never wake up with a rapid way to my window when I hear my dog tell me, my friends, here beside the lake to play. 

I will miss my toys and my favorite goat and the sun when it comes on through the window in the early morning to wake up me. My flowers will never bloom for me again they will wilt from its sadness about me. 

Now I will miss the spontaneity in everything around me.  

I will miss everything here and my soul I think it will not leave this place to stay here forever.

Written by

Mohammed Abdeltawab


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