My way

My way
My way

Every day I attempt to evaluate my performance in this life and ask myself one question about whether I chose the right way or not. 

Every day I discover I chose the wrong way and I can’t change it. 

Maybe I can’t because I have many reasons I can consider it as a milestone in my way to change. 

But always I have my dream about my way in this life so I hope to find my way in this life so like this gangway among the trees and flowers to smell its perfumes in the early morning and the sun still shines with its golden light with clear sky and white clouds.

I do not care if I will be alone in my way, because I don’t want more pain or suffering in my way, but it is important to find my dreams because I will find the hope which leads me to my happiness and my joys, such as those of the sun with its light at the end of the road.

Written by

Mohammed Abdeltawab

Thoughts: " The Lady "


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