Their eyes

Their eyes
Their eyes

Everyone may be facing some sadness in his childhood but if he faced disaster in his childhood he can feel with the children more than the others. 

Because this is our history and our experience with sadness we can’t forget it the easy way so when you see this looking in the eyes of any child you should know that he began to discover the life around him and this child passed from his childhood to real life, the love, compassion Committee, and the warm feelings have disappeared around him and he will remember it like memories about his childhood. 

Unfortunately, this is the starting point for the grief, pains, and injustice of that life he will see frowning faces without smiles and cruelty which fill the hearts with no mercy there. This is life.

To touch us

Indeed I missed many hands in my life, especially my dad but I feel he is still near to me and he can hear my prayers for him so In the life of everyone hands are affectionate always we need them to touch us with kindness and love of it because we created to suffer from everything in this life and all the times we face the stress and the depression. Sometimes we can resist but many times we need hands to touch us to continue our life even in the end. 

We always run away from our problems, our grief, and our pain to just feel compassion with safety among those hands. 

Maybe these hands for your dad, your mom, or your lover may still be alive and maybe in heaven or we miss him or her, but when we feel we need those hands compassionate sure we will find it, even if in our dreams.

Written by.

Mohammed Abdel Tawab


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