A world of the serenity

A world of the serenity
A world of the serenity

When I sit near to the sea I can feel the horizon which pushes me to find my way to it to release my soul to fly there so I like to sit alone to find the convergent point there. 

Sometimes when I close our eyes we find ourselves at the convergent point of heaven and the land and I feel that I do not belong to the land and I will never back again to our lives on the land, just I swim between heaven and the land there near to this point and the time stopped at this moment. 

I would like to stop the time because I don’t want to miss more lovers for me on the land so I feel I will the secret there to avoid missing more lovers for me. 

Every one of us alone there without friends or lovers just wait to see the angels ask them about our destiny. 

At this moment we will become souls without bodies. We will feel alone in a world of serenity.

Written by

Mohammed Abdel Tawab


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