Be a fighter

Be a fighter
Be a fighter

Our life is just a great battle we should face all the enemies on our land to decide if we will live regarding our wishes or if we will live in the darkness forever so should be a fighter. 

Be a knight and kill your fears within your heart, just discover you have a brave heart and you can exclaim to find your way to the victor. 

Just accept the challenge to discover your internal powers, just stand against your fear to fight it.


Don’t cry or scream because you can’t fight like a real man but you can do that if you believe in your ability to be the winner and get captured by your enemies and do not be a coward afraid of anyone attacking you. 

Do not live a coward but make your death honorably because we all will die by the end so let all your enemies know that you have a brave heart and from now on writing one sentence on your grave (Here this place for brave man) when you start your fight Use your mind and your faith with yourself and be smart to be victorious Forever.

Written by

Mohammed Abdel Tawab


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