Harmony with nature

Harmony with  nature
Harmony with  nature

Harmony with nature is a very difficult objective for anyone attempting to find the way to nature.

Many people attempted to do that but unfortunately, they failed because you need a special kind of communication to understand the harmony and the music which control every element within this nature even yourself.



When your soul with high purity and clarity to interact with nature its high level of communication with elements of nature which needs deep meditation to listen to every sound that comes around you, just close your eyes and sit without movement to exceed all barriers between you and the nature, if you succeed in that you will hear the voice of the birds like songs and the sound of the sea like a whispered.

Your soul will be like those birds will fly there in your sky and you will have the wings which carry your soul into the clouds.

The feast day

Although I’m not optimistic most time sometimes I feel optimistic and I think I’m an extrovert man in this life so I will advise you to think of every day as a feast day for you. 

It’s a fantastic feeling when you wake up and find yourself happy and need more happiness for yourself and everyone around you.

Always wait for the sunrise to feel like it's born attended to those roses and flowers at that moment ask about your family and your friends and just say I’m happy to share this moment with you at the beginning of a new day. 

Just start with one feeling and one sentence to say it to all (Good morning) it’s just a simple sentence but it will be a gift from you to all to spread happiness around you because we can decide this day will be a wonderful day or bad days like the rest of life and this our decision if we need changing our life.

Written by:

Mohammed Abdel Tawab

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