Magic Symbols of an Alien Sky: Episode 2

Magic symbols of an Alien sky: Episode 2
Magic Symbols of an Alien Sky: Episode 2


As a modern society, we stand in awe as we gaze upon the colossal monuments and mysterious cultures of ancient times. These civilizations were vastly different from our own; so different, in fact, that our perspectives on the world as it exists today often place a barrier to our comprehension of ancient beliefs and customs.

This documentary titled Symbols of an Alien Sky seeks to rectify this. With vivid insight and enlightening exploration, the film allows us to fully grasp and appreciate the customs of our ancient ancestors through their observations and interpretations of celestial events.

Celestial activities and planetary movements are the subjects of exhaustive research today, and can generally be predicted with great degrees of accuracy. But ancient civilizations approached the canvas of our skies with great fear and reverence, often imbuing its activities with profound mythological connotations.

For them, the chaotic events of their times were written and reflected in the skies. The movements of planets were once thought by our earliest astronomers to represent the presence of omniscient gods. These gods were the subject of much worship and trembling wonder as evidenced by the ceremonies, monuments, and artifacts of the time. In fact, reverence for the gods overwhelmingly defined every aspect of these ancient cultures.

While most modern scientists generally regard these beliefs as symptomatic of a naive civilization, Symbols of an Ancient Sky poses several intriguing theories which challenge this assumption. For example, the prominence of various beliefs, symbols, and archetypes is strikingly common across every ancient culture.

This commonality is apparent in centuries-old recounts of the dragon, an unexplained mythological phenomenon whose existence was insisted upon by every culture of ancient times. Could this creature, in addition to the other widely accepted archetypes of the day, have really existed in some form?

Symbols of an Ancient Sky open our minds to the infinite possibilities of our ancient world. This noble journey is unlike any other, and could forever alter our perceptions of the planet we once inhabited and the one in which we exist today.

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