3 Ways To Fight The Depression After A Breakup

3 Ways To Fight The Depression After A Breakup
3 Ways To Fight The Depression After A Breakup

Statistics show that 99% of people experience a breakup at least once in a lifetime. There are very few lucky ones that find their true love in a first relationship. Like many others, I've experienced a few hard breakups and I may say that I have plenty of experience in dealing with the depression that comes after it. 
Just a couple of weeks ago I broke up with my last boyfriend. We were together for three years. I don't intend to scare you off but a long relationship doesn't necessarily mean living happily ever after with this particular guy even if you are convinced that this is the love of your life.


Old people have said: “Love is blind”, which means that while you are in a relationship you can't think properly and can't take the right decisions and do what's best for you, because you are blinded by this new person by the sparkle of the new love. The end of a relationship is not equal to the end of the world. Don't you ever forget that? 

The fact that you are separating means that there is something wrong between you two and that you need a different kind of partner. He may not be good enough for you but he will be just perfect for some other girl. And I know that most women will make the same mistake that I did, to break up and get back together three times with the same person just because their motherly instinct is stronger than ever. When you start acting like a mother and assume that you are being with a certain man just because you are pitying him, well it's certainly time to say goodbye.

So, I'm not going to explain why and how people break up. I just want to make sure that you are not suffering and give you a few simple pieces of advice that will definitely help you get better. 

The Best Time To Date After A Breakup


Renovate Your Home

There is no better medicine after breakup depression than keeping busy. Making a thorough home renovation and organizing your space will make you busier than ever, believe me. That's how one of my closest friends, which actually occurs to be my boss, got through her breakup, which was harder than I could ever imagine a breakup could be. But she is the strongest person I've ever known and I admire her for being positive after everything that's happened to her. Almost every day she had to meet different workers and handymen in her apartment and deal with everything on her own. Electricians, plumbers, and painters, to name but a few are keeping her mind busy. Renovating your home will mark the beginning of your so-called new life. Think that way: new home = new you.



Talk To a Close Friend

Talking to friends is good. The more you share, the better you'll feel. Just listen to their advice, it's not obligatory to do what they suggest you do, but you could take notes and analyze different opinions. This will help you rethink everything and realize that you've made the right decision. Do you know what's better than talking to friends... talking to the right one? I've got a lot in common with this friend of mine that I previously mentioned. She's like a reflection of me but wiser and with more experience in life. She teaches me how to be stronger and how to handle things properly. The key to getting over a breakup depression is in your way of thinking and your personal expectations. If you have a positive attitude and believe in your fate, things will work out great for you eventually.

Rules If You're In An Open Relationship


Get a Puppy

As I already mentioned, most women confuse maternal instinct with love. In this case, what's best for you is to get a pet. Looking after it will both make you feel more important and keep your mind busy. For the last two months, I've found a home for 5 puppies and I even adopted a dog and a kitty. Looking after them makes me happier than ever.

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